Lucifer vs. the Christian God?

I have quite a few born-again christian friends, and I always wonder how they’d react if I told them I was pagan. Then I wonder what they’d say if I said I honored Lucifer as my patron deity.

Lets ignore for a moment the concept of heaven and hell. Lets forget the business of sin and salvation. Focusing on the here and now, how would we compare our gods? Bear in mind, I’m not basing their god’s qualities on what I believe, but rather what they preach.

Well, lets see. They say their god is love, right? He brings freedom. He is the way, the truth, and the lifeHe who created light.

Lucifer, in his guise as a serpent, temped Eve in to eating from the tree of knowledge. What is knowledge but acquired truth? Thus, humanity was granted the ability to discern good from evil—freedom from ignorance.

Lucifer inspires me to live life to its fullest, without fear of what may or may not occur after death. He taught me to love, rather than hate.

Lucifer literally means ‘light bearer’.

But our gods cannot be one and the same—on this we can agree.

They pray to their god on their knees, willing to serve. I pray to mine on my feet, as an equal. Their god is said to be perfect and almighty, my god is flawed and almost human, susceptible to temptation and ‘sin’. Their god is above the standards he creates, because he is God. My god preaches what he lives. Their god brings them into this world with guilt, as a sinner (‘original sin’)—my god accepts me as who I am with all my flaws and imperfections, with the potential for greatness. Their god demands that everyone love him—mine demands that I love myself and the life around me.


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