Lux Et Veritas

My main reason for creating this blog was to express my deepest truths, while remaining anonymous all the while. One of those truths is my faith—something I’ve never told anyone, for fear of prejudice and bias against me.

I am a Luciferian.

You can see why I’m so hesitant in revealing that fact. The mere mention of it would cause people to conjure up images of devil worship, blood sacrifices, black magic, you name it.

Of course, there’s always those who instead think i’m part of an elitist group who wants to rule the world and is in reality a reptilian.

Let me clarify things. I don’t consider Luciferianism a ‘religion’, per say. There are no definite rules to follow by, and no text that sums up what every Luciferian believes. We don’t worship anything, be it deity or otherwise—we aren’t subservient. Not all Luciferians are theists, either. In general, Luciferians believe first and foremost in finding their own truth.

So what is my personal truth? I believe that there are many deities existing in this world. I believe that none of them are defined by labels such as ‘absolute good’ or ‘absolute evil’.

To me, Lucifer symbolizes knowledge and independence. He freed Adam and Eve from the beautiful prison that was the Garden of Eden, and gave them the knowledge of good and evil—to be like Gods themselves. He led the rebellion in heaven, against the unjust tyranny of the child-like Christian God who demands blind obedience and worship.

But this is simply my truth. I accept the fact that others may follow a path that is better suited to their own beliefs, and don’t begrudge them that—as long as they don’t attempt to condemn me based on those beliefs, or convert me.

I don’t hate the Christian God, I simply don’t agree with his teachings. Where one person may read the bible and see only love, peace, and freedom, I see genocide, hate, and slavery.

I don’t believe someone should be persecuted because they are different, nor that there is only one true way to live.

You might ask why I bother to believe in any deity at all. In truth, I know I may very well be suffering from an overactive imagination, but some of the experiences I’ve gone through are too real for me to ignore. These experiences are deeply personal, but maybe one day I’ll explain some of them. For now, I’ll just say that Lucifer has shown me time and time again that he is indeed real and present in my life. He isn’t the only one, however—I also deeply respect the Hindu goddess of wisdom and the arts, Sarasvati. She has helped me through some difficult decisions, but isn’t as prevalent in my life as Lucifer.

I can’t sum up everything in a single blog post. There are too many sides to my faith, most of which I’ve yet to discover myself. I just wanted to share my beliefs with the world, but keep the security that my anonymity offers. I can try to answer any questions anyone may have about me being a Luciferian, but again I want to state that not all Luciferians are the same.


2 thoughts on “Lux Et Veritas

  1. Sebastian says:

    Thanks for writing this blog, I have been always drawn to Lucifer even when I was younger, as I became older I could not believe he was kicked out just because he was “proud” I really liked his name to begin with and well I just don’t understand how people can see him as mean or evil. Like for me personally I just started to have a relationship per say with him for a few months i guess… i started with Hekate and she lead me to Lucifer and then I found out that Diana the goddess I have been worshiping for so long actually has a story with Lucifer at least from what I read they were twins. I really have not asked Luci (as I like to call him) if it’s true or not. But I usually see hints of him in my dreams and i can actually hear a voice telling me a few things but of course it’s not always there, I know it’s him. I can’t really explain it.

    But I really like him a lot I mean he is very truthful to me and I like that about anyone. like I am going through a lot of changes now and I been in my lows and yet he came to find me during that time. I mean Hekate actually came to my dreams but I always had this feeling towards Luci to the point that when this Korean song came out called Lucifer it was like a huge sign to me but I kept ignoring it. It’s like idk as if it was hitting me right in the face yet I could not understand. I can be very thick headed at times, but so far right now I feel good although, I have a lot of gods that I work with but the thing is that sometimes I do not hear them like I do with Hekate and Luci and I did for some time with Diana. Either way I was wondering if I should let the rest of the ones go IDK or even how to do that without being all rude or something, I am still kind of new in all this.

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