Paganism Vs.Luciferianism

I find myself flopping back and forth between the terms ‘Pagan’ and ‘Luciferian’.  While Lucifer is my main patron, he isn’t the only deity i’ve worked with. There are two goddesses in particular who I honor, although they are more of patrons by association, rather than personal patrons such as Lucifer.

Not only does the term ‘Luciferian’ disregard my workings with other deities, I feel as though it also requires me to specify that I am a theistic Luciferian—which then leads to the connection to the biblical Lucifer, and monotheism. Its much easier to say that I’m pagan, and that my patron is Lucifer (or rather Prometheus)

While I’m partially out of the broom closet as a pagan, I can’t see myself as outing myself as a Luciferian. The stigma attached to that term is far more negative and far-reaching than ‘pagan’, because even non-christians think of the biblical devil when the name Lucifer is mentioned. In pagan communities, however, I find myself almost equally as ostracized. In their attempts to make paganism more acceptable to the public or innocent, many make statements such as ‘pagans don’t believe in or worship the devil/satan/lucifer’, trying to separate the public’s concepts of satanism and paganism. While this does bother me, it isn’t the main cause of my discontent—I can understand that they’re trying to educate the ignorant that they’re not what the media makes them appear to be, and in the process generalizing all pagans—it bothers me that so many seem to see my belief and devotion to Lucifer as a personal attack on themselves and their religion. Maybe they think I’ll reaffirm the very beliefs they’re trying to correct, or they too automatically jump to the conclusion that i’m a ‘devil worshipper’ posing as a pagan.

Thus, my hesitation with mentioning Lucifer as my patron, and instead referring to him as Prometheus.


14 thoughts on “Paganism Vs.Luciferianism

  1. myrkr says:

    I think the issue you may be facing is two-fold, if similar.

    To (most) monotheists, anyone who worships any deity other than “God” is a demon/Satan-worshiper.

    To (a number of) Pagans, anyone who worships Lucifer is a Christian and therefore not Pagan.

    I think the question you need to answer yourself is what it is exactly you believe. Do you believe in the existence of all deities? Only a few? How does Lucifer fit into the mix? What is Lucifer, to you? What understanding do you have of him? From where?

    The better you are able to explain this to yourself, the better you’ll be able to explain this to others. Just be aware that it isn’t uncommon for people to turn you a deaf ear when you say you worship/work with Lucifer, or for them to assume you are LaVeyan.

    Good luck!

    • While I agree with you about the views regarding monotheist thoughts on the honoring of other deities, I have a hard time coming to terms with Pagans seeing Luciferianism as a branch of Christianity. First and foremost, while I do tend to focus on Lucifer in his biblical aspect, it doesn’t mean he (or facets of him) aren’t found within other cultures. Take Prometheus for example, or the Roman Lucifer. Also, saying that a Luciferian is a Christian is like saying all Heathens are Lokeans–its not interchangeable, as I’m sure you know.

      Its not so much that I have a problem coming to terms with being both Pagan and Luciferian, its that the communities themselves seem to be so unwelcome to the other set of beliefs.

      Thanks for the advice, though.

      • myrkr says:

        Oh no, I wasn’t say I agree with them or that that’s the fact of the matter, don’t misunderstand.

        I just know a lot of Pagans who think that if you deal with Lucifer, you must be Christian (because to them, Lucifer exists only in the Christian religions).

        I have no doubt you are sure of yourself in your beliefs. But I meant more that if you can articulately explain it that you could win part of the battle. But as I said in my comment, “just be aware that it isn’t uncommon for people to turn you a deaf ear when you say you worship/work with Lucifer, or for them to assume you are LaVeyan.”

        I understand that it’s the communities who don’t understand. Sorry for not being clear.

        More luck to you!

      • Ah, thanks for that.
        Yeah, so the best I can do at the point is try to be a source of information for others–which is what I’m trying to accomplish through my blogs.
        Though I understand that not everyone is willing to listen.

    • Stefano t. says:

      hey, I’m actually a guy who’s just starting his investigation on paganism and other spiritual paths. My intent is not to become a part of it, I am an atheist and I don’t think my views will change. This being said, the whole concept of “Lucifer” and its relation with the sun and other spiritual movements really intrigues me. My question is: who is Lucifer, to you? What do you believe in? And since you seem to be relatively familiar with paganism, what is the relationship between them both? Thanks for your time! 🙂

      • Hi there, thanks for dropping by.

        Lucifer to me is first and foremost a concept and an ideal. His mythos is the embodiment of the pursuit of knowledge, the growth and development of the self beyond imposed constraints or limits, and also a love that is self-sacrificing and enduring. His character in scripture and mythology is one that I find worth honoring through lived practice, in which I apply the values I see in him to my own lived experiences. In this way, my practice itself is nearly atheistic–his existence or nonexistence doesn’t really matter to my beliefs or practices, I would still model my own values after his story regardless of whether he is an actual being or not. But faith has led me to honor him in a theistic way as well, as an actual god deserving of respect.

        As for your other question, I no longer identify as pagan, but at the time that I once did I merged Luciferianism with paganism through their shared non-abrahamic roots. Lucifer as an archetype spans across different cultures and pantheons, as evident in figures such as Prometheus and Helel, which made it easy to relate to the pagan community on a polytheistic level. However, the pagan community tends to shy away from any association with a ‘devil’ figure, to the extent where they actively erase all satanists and luciferians who identify as pagan (i.e. “pagans don’t believe in the christian devil”).

        I hope that helped! If you have any other questions please feel free to email me at

  2. Valiel says:

    Hi there, I wrote a comment last week but with the wrong account.. I think it was this post… Here am I again, right this time ! ^^’

    “I think that there is in fact a huge taboo on Luciferianism. Or maybe that’s just in the French-speaking Web. But who the hell is not a Luciferian really knows what that is ? I don’t, so I don’t feel offensed or fear anything. But it’s seems others do. I think the most problem is that a) it’s unknown territory (and mostly because it is so looked down on ?) b) it’s misunderstood.
    I wish there were websites, blogs, that explains what that concept means.
    PS : I’ve never considered the debatte you point out, I’ve always thought being a Luciferian means being pagan !”

    • Huh, that’s quite interesting–is it taboo in the respect that people just refuse to acknowledge it as a legitimate spiritual path? What i’ve come to realize is that that isn’t the case on the english forums and websites I visit, but rather others will look down at you or bombard you with reasons as to why you’re wrong in believing what you do. This sort of sentiment comes from christian and pagan alike, which is what makes it so hard sometimes. Its still considered a spiritual path, just not as ‘fulfilling’, or ‘correct’ as others.

      • Valiel says:

        Well, the question is complex. I can’t reduce people’s reaction to just one reason. The main trend I saw it that people think Luciferism = Satanism. So people who are self-centered, do “black magick”, worship a “god” that is evil and maybe from the Bible… It’s so black // white. I guess for them it’s not “legitimate” because it is “evil” (potentially armful).

        I’ve created a podcast radio and I wish I could find someone to talk about this path… but I could not find one. Maybe I could use your blog to learn more and present a Face for Luciferianism ? Do you have an article where the path is clearly explained ?

        PS : I saw you suscribed to my blog, but it is in French. You can use googletrad like some other English Speakers but it’s not so good. If you desire to read me, it will be easier on my English blog (but it does not contain the same things) :

      • Sure, you can definitely draw inspiration from my blog–just bear in mind that this is only my interpretation of the path, there are several other Luciferians out there who may go about things differently, such as being atheistic and seeing Lucifer as only a symbol. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a single article that does an adequate job in describing Luciferianism accurately, but there are a few forums that have a pretty good LHP/Luciferian section, if you’re willing to dig through a few threads. There’s and

        I didn’t realize you had an english blog, haha. Thanks for the link!

  3. will9baker says:

    Valiell; Google “Jeremy Crow” and “Jeremy Christner{both gnostic Luciferians}, “Michael W.Ford”{Luciferian Satanist}. Google “Ordo Luciferi{Luciferian Order}. Google/wiki and/or Or facebook Neo-Luciferian Church of Denmark{neo-gnostic luciferianism} and as awkaen said the “Luciferian research society”. I’m sure one of them would be willing to do an interview on your podcast, You’re best best is Jeremy Crow{for the less satanic type of luciferianism} or if for Luciferian Satanism- Michael Ford. I’m a Luciferian with influences from all over the map, but the closest approximation for me is the neo-gnostic Luciferian paradigm with strong influence from Crowley and Thelema, hints of chaotism and dark doctrines Sat-Tan-ism and “enlightenment” thought{age of reason}. But I do not have any way to do an interview on podcast, so I can’t be of much help, I can provide info though if you need anymore.
    My new Blog, “The peoples Luciferian”:

    Will Baker

  4. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog the other day and I have read some of your posts. Since I’m a theistic Luciferian myself, been for 14 years now, (thought I didn’t know the term until few years back… I didn’t describe my beliefs to anyone, not even to myself. I just knew who the voice in my head was). I recently started a blog of my own, insipired by you and other theistic Luciferian whose posts you reblogged. I just wanted to tell you how happy I am to know there are others who believe like me. Just today I wrote a post today how I see creation-myths and the origin of gods.

    • Hi there, thanks for dropping by. I’m glad to hear that my blog has been of use to your own path. The luciferian ‘community’ is rather small, and we don’t always get along, but I agree that there’s some comfort in knowing that you’re not entirely alone in your beliefs ;]

      • If you wish to exchange thoughts, my email is indigobluedoc (at) gmail dot com. If you don’t, it’s fine too, alltough I’d like to talk to you. I’ve been in contact with one other theistic Luciferian, and it was really interesting. Some of her thoughts felt quite odd to me, but I decided it was not up to me to judge or decide how she sees her belief system. There was enough similarities me to know that we worked with the same entity.

        I wish you well and keep up with posting 🙂

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