A note to those looking into using dance as a devotional activity

As someone who does this regularly, I didn’t realize how intense an offering this could be until today. Usually, I devote my dancing to Sarasvati. I’ll acknowledge her during stretches, offering up the energy and strength and pain that will be raised during practice. Every tensed muscle, every breathe of air, I offer to her.
But today, my devotional took a life of its own.
I had had an awful day—I was feeling worn down and depressed, and I just wanted dance to be an outlet. I began class as usual, acknowledging Sarasvati, but out of nowhere, Lucifer butted in.
Today’s dance was not an offering. It was a release.
I danced my pain and frustration. I danced his sorrow and heartache. I danced our fall from grace, our grief, our hope.
It was all I could do to keep from breaking down in the middle of class, but it was worth it. It was cathartic, and everything I needed.


3 thoughts on “A note to those looking into using dance as a devotional activity

  1. SatSekhem says:

    Not to sound like a squeeing fan-girl, but that’s awesome.

    I’ve always wanted to give actions as devotionals to my deity/ies. However, I never knew what to do. I never considered dance as a devotional, though as an ex-dancer, I feel as though I should have. That’s an interesting concept that I’ll have to ponder further.

    I always am surprised, disconcerted and perplexed when I have THIS INTENT RIGHT HERE for THIS DEITY RIGHT HERE only to have it usurped.

    • Its not even like he warned me first–it just happened. But I have a feeling if he had told me ahead of time what his plans were, I would have refused for fear of losing all control in the middle of class. Luckily, it didn’t get to that point, but the experience has made me wary and cautious of getting too deeply involved in my devotional during class–in the privacy of my room is another matter, though.

      But if you’re interested in using dance as a method of devotionals, I have a link on my blogroll that you might want to check out–Dancing For The Gods.

      • SatSekhem says:

        It’s funny you mention that blog since I was just reading it.

        I find that most times deity takes over is when we’d definitely say, “Oh, hell no.”

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