Lucifer and Samael

I’ve recently had to deal with an issue that I had swept under the rug and ignored for a long time. It’s something that I had initially rejected because of the fear it inspired in me, a fear I couldn’t quite understand. I would have thought that after dealing with Lucifer, I’d have nothing left to scare me.

But clearly that’s not the case.

I’ve stated before that I see Lucifer and Prometheus as one and the same. This wasn’t an easy correlation to accept; I feel as though the more deities I link to Lucifer, the more I’m making him seem like an archetype rather than an individual god. This treads dangerous ground—archetypes, from what I’ve seen, have a tendency to become oversimplified and generalized, much like the idea that all tricksters are out to wreck havoc on peoples’ lives, or that all death deities are dark and evil.

But getting to the point of all this, I was reminded of another deity that is awfully similar to my patron, namely Samael. Now, I’m not all that knowledgeable in Jewish lore, but certain attributes do seem to stand out concerning Samael. He is said to be an angel of death, the ‘venom of god’, the serpent in the Garden of Eden, and neither good nor evil. He is also sometimes said to be intricately linked with Lilith.

But despite the similarities between the two, there are also some things that don’t fit.

In my experiences with Lucifer, I have never once thought of him as a death god. Yes, he has caused death, but he’s not in charge of mortality. When he found it necessary to rid me of the living crutch I had clung to in my desperation, he turned to Azrael for assistance. It was Azrael who comforted me and helped me grieve, and it was Azrael who left my ‘crutch’ dead for a few minutes, before gently whispering life back into him. Although I’ve only ever interacted with one death deity, and only for a brief time, I can assure you that his presence felt significantly different from Lucifer’s.

Nearly all of Samael’s devotees seem to in some way or another come into contact with his consort, Lilith. I have never heard any mention of her from my patron, not even a peep. However, I also don’t have the best track record for juggling multiple deities, so that may explain her absence.

The rest of his attributes from the literature are more or less compatible with what I know of Lucifer, but then we come to the UPG portion of the comparison. Although those that interact with Samael are just as difficult to find as theistic Luciferians, there are a couple whose experiences I’ve read about. From what I’ve seen, their UPG conflicts even more with the Samael/Lucifer theory than the lore. There are several things I can’t seem to wrap my head around, which bear no connection to the Lucifer I know, such as him being literally bound, due to the destructive chaos he would cause if free.

Samael seems like the calm before the storm, with clouds rolling in and a chill in the air, warning of the destruction that is to come; Lucifer is more like the aftermath—clear skies, haunting and desolate, but waiting for things to be rebuilt.

But I can come to terms with these differences—I can accept these unfamiliar attributes if it comes down to it, they aren’t what caused me to ignore this correlation for so long. No, my fear stems from another theory entirely.

There are whisperings in some communities that Samael and YHWH are one and the same, that they are two facets of the same god—the holy and the unholy, the sacred and the taboo.

I left Catholicism because I could not accept what I saw in their god. I had no respect for his actions, for his demands, for his jealous nature. I swore to myself and to Lucifer that if he ever expressed such characteristics as those I abhorred in the Christian god, I would sever my connection with him entirely.

So where does this YHWH=Samael=Lucifer theory leave me? As unlikely as the parallels may be, it still terrifies me. It reminds me too much of the paradigm shift I experienced when I first met Lucifer, it’s too reminiscent of when my previous world view was shattered. Knowing Lucifer, this may be another one of his attempts at keeping me on my toes regarding my faith. He keeps me questioning and doubting. If there’s one thing I can trust Lucifer with, it’s that he won’t allow me to grow stagnant in my beliefs or develop any sort of blind faith in him.

As of now, I don’t consider Samael and Lucifer to be the same deity. However, I’ve only just begun in-depth research on the true nature of this Samael figure—who knows where that will end up leading. One thing I know for sure is that Lucifer won’t allow me to hide away from this theory any longer, living in constant fear yet never striking up the courage to go and find out for myself.


13 thoughts on “Lucifer and Samael

  1. Aubs Tea says:

    I don’t have much to say on the Samael thing. I have never met Him and couldn’t say much on what He’s like. I have some UPG for you, though.

    What I’ve come to note is this: When it comes to those of us with knowledge and the will to learn about OTHERS™, there are few of us. In the grand scheme of things, anyway. They want our attention. So, when someone sees us willing to commune with this OTHER over here, then the new OTHER is like, “The doorway is open. I want attention, too…” so, they come barging in.

    This is normal.

    For those of us with many OTHERS™ it becomes a balancing act. It can be difficult but it CAN be done.

    Good luck, hon.

  2. paganchica says:

    “Samael seems like the calm before the storm, with clouds rolling in and a chill in the air, warning of the destruction that is to come; Lucifer is more like the aftermath—clear skies, haunting and desolate, but waiting for things to be rebuilt.”

    Word. I think I know who’s in charge in Hell. Also, speaking of storms, have you had any experiences with lightning? I’ve had so many strange experiences with weather, they could probably fill a book.

    And I love Azrael. He’s such a powerful, yet gentle, figure, and his mythology is absolutely beautiful. The strongest angel bears the heaviest burden of all.

    I’m also very skeptical, like you, of religion in general, and have very real moments of doubt. “Wait, gods actually exist? Completely illogical.” And the fact that Samael, is, well, Samael- that can be an issue too. But I’d rather have periodic doubts than blind faith- something that stands the test of inquiry and analysis is something worth keeping.

    While I adore the Gnostics, I sincerely doubt Samael (or Lucifer, for the matter) is the Demiurge. Gnosticism arose from Christians being influenced by Eastern philosophy, and is a hodge podge of different religions. To make a statement, they took the Jewish angel of death (and most popular one to attribute bad things too, at the time), Samael, and made him the Christian God. I like to think of them as hippies demonizing mainstream culture and wandering through the desert in ugly clothes and communes. Which is pretty much what they did. They were the original hipsters, and the origin of the dirty hippie we know today.

    I understand why you would fear Lucifer being YHWH- I have fundamental problems with YHWH as well, as he’s portrayed in the Bible, but I view it with a shaker of salt. Mythology is mythology. I’m not going to base my views on stories that are millenia old, created by man, and corrupted through translation and the church. I wonder if that really is YHWH’s nature, or if he was portrayed as a misogynistic, bloodthirsty, domineering god to support the status quo of the time. But something tells me Jesus would mourn for what passes as Christianity in some circles these days.

    • mercydoll says:

      Samael always give a reason to say “WTF”, so blind faith doesn’t work with Him lol and doubts are like challenges that make you think deeper into things. I love it and hate it.

    • Storms? Oh boy, do I have some experience with them. I remember reading someone’s UPG on Lucifer, and they mentioned that he had some sort of affinity for thunderstorms. Me being me, I laughed and scoffed at such a ridiculous notion.Lo and behold, that night I woke up to the loudest freak thunderstorm of my life, complete with lightning that lit up the room like it was noon. Consider me sufficiently chastised for making fun of someone else’s UPG.

      And I agree with you about Azrael, he’s definitely awe-inspiring. I can see why Lucifer asked him to see me through that death, instead of Himself.

  3. mercydoll says:

    I know how it feels, especially the Yahweh=Samael thing. I would be more ok if Lucifer was Samael (though still I find it hard to believe). But Yahweh? That would really get me. But I just don’t feel that way and I am still 99% doubtful about it.

    Samael did remind me a couple of days ago and today on me thinking about fixing things with Yahweh (I have yet to know how’s that gonna happen), but I am holding it off a bit longer and He is giving me time (it’s been a few months). I like to understand the misunderstood, but this is really testing me. Anger truly does hold me back and maybe that’s what I needed. I don’t know.

    I have a feeling that my research will shift soon after all, since now I am starting to research on Lucifer a little more now.

  4. solarbaby34 says:

    In my personal experience, meeting with Sam and Luc, I’ve felt they weren’t the same. More like ‘partners in crime’. YHWH has always been rather obscure to me, but I see him as Israel’s patron god and sort of a ‘brother in law’ to them. They’re a dysfunctional family, but a family. Which might explain the constant mix up.

  5. Dimaru says:

    Samael kind of came to me on his own accord after i strengthened my bond to Satan/Lucifer. I did visualize him in a banishing rite, along with 3 other demons. I did not see him personally, but someone else in the household did, and when asked gave a spot-on description of Samael. apparently he observed me, as if to gather information while i was sleeping, i felt his presence some time after that and currently gathering as much info on him as possible. i dont feel threatened, actually kind of honored as im just a novice theistic satanist (: this article seems valid:

  6. Dimaru says:

    on a side note, i hope you’re not bothered by my use of the words Satan and Satanism, i haven’t read enough of your material to see if it would conflict with your personal beliefs (i believe Satan and Lucifer to be separate entities)

    • I personally don’t use satan as a title for Lucifer because I find it rather disrespectful, but I don’t mind if others do. I personally don’t believe in the christian satan as the punisher of the wicked in hell, but distinguish between ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Satan’ all the same.

      • Dimaru says:

        hmm i’d have to disagree. The name Satan has an echo throughout most of human history, in Sanskrit which predates christianity by thousands of years the word Sat (which means ”truth”) and Tan (which means ”to issue forth”) were already combined in to ”Satan” (no double T because of grammar) to mean ”bringer of truth”. So whatever it is in your opinion, it is definately not disrespectful 🙂 i think there are earlier examples of the name being attributed to a deity, but im not going through all that research again. My point is, Satan and Lucifer are really separate entities, and by Satan i do not mean the christian devil at all but rather a much older deity, demonized by christianity as a relatively recent development. In my completely personal view, Lucifer is the lesser deity and Satan an actual entity rather than an archetype.

        However, back on topic of this page, i have a strange affinity with Samael, and i believe his various roles in different lores to have similarities and interconnections. His identity is definately mysterious and UPG’s seem to be the most reliable information to work with.

      • I can’t give you much information regarding Samael seeing as I don’t work with him, but two of the previous commenters on this page do. You’d probably have better luck with Mercydoll and Paganchica

  7. Cait says:

    I cannot say I am a believer in either side of any theology, but I am doing research for a book that delves deeply into theology and Samael is the father of my character, Lilith is her mother. I would be greatly appreciative if you would hand down any knowledge you have come across regarding both Lucifer and Samael. So far all of my research has pointed me to one conclusion: Lucifer and Samael are one and the same. Different names, different religious epitaphs, but as Lucifer has many names unto himself: Morning Star, Satan… so Samael has: Angel of Death, Arch Angel of Fifth Heaven, so on and so forth. But in their separate books play the same role. Good luck on your quest for knowledge.

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