Disparaging Remarks

Reblogging because this woman is wonderful.

O, Mourning Star. . .

Recently on some of the pagan Tumblr blogosphere, there’s been some very heated discussion regarding an image that’s been going around:

The initial concern over the image, was of course, discussion on the fact that this pretty much insinuates that this is a common mode of thinking for Paganism-that by a Christian calling a Pagan a Satanist they are basically doing the same as saying all Christians follow the word of The Pope, which if course, we know is utterly ridiculous.

I keep seeing this pic going around, and it keeps bothering me. It’s a cute concept…except that’s not what satanism and paganism are in respect to each other.

Most assuredly not, given that the Pope is an figurehead basically appointed by a religious institution-specifically, the Catholic Church, which has very little or nothing to do with Christians as a whole, and indeed, most Christians I’ve met (paradoxically) have really…

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