Using Society’s Fear to Your Advantage

So, I’m not naïve enough to think that a little blog like mine is going to make a big difference in changing the general consensus out there regarding how my faith is perceived. No matter how much time or effort I put into correcting the tons of misinformation out there, the fact remains that most people aren’t interested in listening to what the more boring, normal members of a faith have to say—they’re too busy watching the few idiots who go around murdering people and spewing hatred and violence in the name of a faith they clearly have no understanding of, much less hold a claim to. But I keep it up because it’s part of my Work, and because the optimistic side of me wants to think that it does make a difference, no matter how small.

But as much as I would love to be able to be more open about my faith without fear of backlash and bigotry, I have to admit that there are some upsides to being misrepresented too. Just as doubt and skepticism have their uses, so too does popular opinion. Playing the victim all the time isn’t going to get you very far, and if people aren’t going to listen to you anyways, might as well use it to one’s own advantage.

You know all those pagans bitching about how the pentagram was originally a sign of protection when shown ‘right-side up’?

Oh hon, it still is.

I recently read a thread on a Luciferian forum about a young woman who wears an inverted pentagram necklace when commuting by herself because, get this, the local gang members are terrified of it and what they think it represents. Forget the pepper spray and taser gun, this tiny little necklace sends muggers and rapists running the other way, in the fear that the ‘evil devil-worshipper’ will sacrifice them. It doesn’t matter that this woman probably has never killed a person, nor sacrificed anything to any spirit or god, nor has demon minions at her beck and call—her attackers see that symbol and imagine the worst, with themselves as the potential victims. They are forced to think twice about even looking at her the wrong way.

I’ve got major respect for this woman for willing to put up with the crap she undoubtedly receives from those that vilify anything remotely ‘dark’, and using that societal fear and misrepresentation to her advantage.

 You know what? I’d take that kind of protection over proper media representation any day.


2 thoughts on “Using Society’s Fear to Your Advantage

  1. SpiderGoddes says:

    I was blessed to purchase a large chunk of land in the midst of the city. Unfortunately, because I had not huge sums of money to put toward it, it happens to be in a lower income neighborhood. Drug dealers, prostitutes, and thieves are not uncommon in this area, yet we are not troubled by them. They leave us alone. Part of this is because of the protection spells I have placed around my house, but part of it is much simpler. In the area is it “common knowledge” that a witch lives in our home. My coven’s full moon and sabbat rituals happen in my yard.

  2. Isaac Alsop says:

    I would not be afraid of a pentagram necklace, that seems silly. Of course, being Christian probably helps with that, but haha. This was hilarious. Hey, fear has its benefits. Society is afraid of ANYTHING spiritual these days. Read the Bible on the subway, nobody will sit by you. Try praying the rosary on a bench, everybody will walk in a huge loop around you to avoid you, and LOL…god forbid you ever carry around a Koran. You’d have security guards surrounding you.

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