Out of Curiosity

What do you all find resonates most strongly with your deities, or what are some strange things that remind you of them?

For me, it’s a combination of:

  1. Lightning

The first time I heard of Lucifer being associated with lightning by another of his devotees, I scoffed and blew it off as being utter nonsense. I thought it was just something the person had come up with to make him sound more powerful or cool or whatever. That same night, I was woken up by one of the most intense thunder storms I’ve ever experienced, complete with lightning that lit up the room as though it were midday. There had been no warning of any incoming storms in that area beforehand.

I was shaken enough to go back and do some proper research before disregarding the UPG completely. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s some (speculative) basis of this connection in the gospel of Luke:

“And he [Jesus] said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven” (10:18)

 I used to love watching lightning strikes, and being completely in awe of how a single strike could illuminate even the darkest of nights. But I was also acutely aware of how destructive lightning could be, and was always nervous when it got too close for comfort. It was stunning and awe-inspiring, but dangerous all the same, much like a certain angel I know.

 I’ve also mentioned how sometimes I get a buzzing sort of sensation in my left shoulder blade when Lu is around—almost like the buildup of static charge from a storm.


2.  Freshly fallen snow

This doesn’t have anything in scripture to back it up (I don’t think so, anyways), but the bite and even the scent of cold air after a snowfall reminds me of him. It has a certain kick to it that snaps me awake and keeps me alert, not unlike Lu tends to do. The cold chill makes me sharply aware of everything, from the icy kisses on the tip of my nose to the whisper of the winter wind at the back of my neck.

And the stillness and silence, where everyone seems to be too afraid to draw in a breath lest they disturb the tranquility, reminds me of him too. More often than not, he is quiet and hesitant to influence my choices unless necessary.

And looking back on these things now, I find myself rather amused that they have something in common—in both instances, they involve something falling from the heavens to the earth. 


8 thoughts on “Out of Curiosity

  1. Aubs Tea says:

    I’ve been told I’m weird because I decided to see if I could find local animals to associate with my [Kemetic] deities. I chose a cougar for Sekhmet and a deer for Hetharu. This earned me quite a bit of derision from fellow Kemetics.

    • Neferet says:

      I’m Tameran (some call it “Kemetic Wicca”), and I think that your idea is great! The Kemetic deities spread in ancient times to Europe, and many of them saw a new kind of worship, complete with new animals. Aset alone had multiple animals considered to be sacred to her, and quite a few of them were not native to Egypt. I think the deities are always adapting with the times, and your idea reflects that. 🙂 Props to you! Nefer sedjmetj!

  2. Reblogged this on Tales From the Stag King's Wife and commented:
    For me some of the unusual ones are things like storms, or mountains, or sometimes the ocean; anything untamed, anything wild, that reminds me of His uncontrollable nature.

    Similar to that is my strange habit of associating him with sailing or dancing, I think because those are the times when I feel most free and happy. And He loves it when I feel free and happy.

    I also associate him with the season of Autumn, there’s something about the smell of September air, and the changing colors of the leaves and the harvest of apples. Not to mention that’s when stags go into rut, possibly why I get such a strong vibe off the season.

    A lot of the usual things associated with the Horned God resonate strongly for me, most of them were powerful symbols or parts in my life before I started working with Him. Archery was a huge part of my life as a child, and it’s a skill that I am working hard to relearn. Deer have always been symbols and guides in my life, I guess the reason is obvious now.

    There are so many things that remind me of Him. It’s kind of to the point where I see Him everywhere.

    Poetic and romantic, I know, but it’s distracting.

  3. Daniel Grey says:

    Man, you make Lu sound awesome. You should print out a badge that says “Lucifer’s Official PR Director” and pin it to your shirt.

    Both lightning and snow have a similar beautiful/dangerous wildness to them, as well as themes of newness and starting over. Thunderstorms (hopefully!) herald rainfall, which much of the country desperately needs right now – but they may also call up wildfires, flash floods, and power outages. Freshly fallen snow is one of the purest symbols I can think of, a beautiful chance of starting over and being able to see the world completely new – but too much snow, or snow turned to ice, becomes hazardous and even deadly.

    But. Forest fires are necessary in the ecosystem of forests. And some seeds cannot germinate without the cold and the dark of winters.

    • LOL, no thanks. He can handle his own public relations ;]

      And I agree, both of the above have their pros and cons, even though most of the time people choose to only see one end of the spectrum.

  4. Tyler Parks says:

    I’m not sure if you would consider this evidence of Lucifer’s connection to snow, but in Dante’s Inferno he discribes the lowest pit of Hell as a frozen lake with Lu trapped inside. I’m glad you’re writing this blog it puts an interesting and well deserved new spin on Luciferianism.

  5. seastruckbythecrossroads says:

    Hello… I am here to give you the Inspirig Blog Award:
    Enjoy it with my thanks for many well-enjoyed blogposts!

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