What Luciferianism means to me

I recently got a private message asking me to outline the basics of Luciferianism. I thought I’d elaborate on my response and make it more public, since I’ve gotten the same question quite a few times now.

As you all know, I’m pretty uncomfortable with generalizing the beliefs of an entire faith group, so I thought it might be better if I gave the basic overview of what Luciferianism means to me in particular, the cornerstones of my faith if you will.

First off, it’s is largely about apotheosis, of becoming one’s own god. This means being held accountable for my own actions and words, of not seeking out deified scapegoats or dismissing my hard work as being due to the will of the divine. It means accepting my own mistakes and recognizing my achievements as being due to human effort. I do not look to the divine for help in my day-to-day life, not even to Lucifer. He is merely a companion and sometimes guide on the path that I forge. But apotheosis also has a more literal meaning, of actually transcending human standards into divinity. It’s about self growth. In this manner, I view it as recognizing and striving for the highest potential, all the while never forgetting the here and now of my mortality.

It’s also about asking the difficult questions, the questions that have the ability to tear down one’s own security nets, and shatter the comforting security that we have in our spirituality. It’s about always doubting, always wondering, always consciously making my devotion to him a choice. In this manner, my faith is never stagnant–it is always constantly moving and changing shape. I’m forced to learn to trust myself before ever placing such trust in others, including deity. Blind faith then becomes an impossible thing, something that can’t exist within my devotion.

It is about choice and free will, including that of faith and religion. It’s not just about our own religious freedom, but also that of Christianity and the other major religions of the world. We’re not just fighting for our own right to choose, but for theirs’ as well. We’re fighting for the right not to be shamed or bribed or threatened into conversion, of devoting oneself because you truly and wholeheartedly believe in the faith’s teachings.

It is that very work that has led me to appreciate Christianity, something I would have never thought I’d come to. I’ve found myself sharing more things in common with sincere devotees who seek to live as Christ did than I ever thought possible. So for me, not only has Luciferianism been about religious tolerance, but religious appreciation as well.

And it’s about Lucifer himself, and my devotion to what he stands for. It’s about the fact that he’s changed me for the better, that he’s given me new perspectives and shown me that there are things worth fighting for, that there is beauty in this world. As AViewIntoYourWorld so aptly put it, I’m flourishing under his tutelage. Luciferianism to me is about expressing a love so intense, a devotion so strong, that I can’t help but put my all into it. It’s not based on gratitude, or the giving of thanks, or repayment for granted blessings—it’s about honoring a deity who I greatly respect.


4 thoughts on “What Luciferianism means to me

  1. awakening52 says:

    Hello and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us..You are greatly
    appreciated by us. I do have one question ..I was wondering if you could share one or two prayers to Lucifer that you may know of or dir-
    ect me to the proper source? Honestly I don’t like the ones I find online
    I find them to be violent invocations and disrespectful of Lucifer as I know him to be. I will greatly appreciate any feed back from you since i
    do like you and the way you expose your beliefs…Thank you and take

    • I don’t really know of any formal, ritualized prayers. Most of mine are really informal, I just speak my mind. There’s a template that I’ve found to be useful, however, which was started by Sannion from the House of Vines blog. I have a version of my public adorations in one of my entries here, you could probably go through the archive and find it a few months back. It’s basically just a list, all beginning with “I adore you, ____” . You can use titles, epithets, etc.

      Hope that helped!

  2. Mark says:

    Hello dear spiritual sister!
    You created here a wonderful place to take a rest. Good for soul and mind. Lucifer, in the manner you draw him, is an excellent compagnon, patron or god. Before many years I was a catholic theologian. Grown up catholic straight on the way to become a saint. In the meantime I changed the side and got a disciple of the revolutionist of the heart, the master of real deep and free love. Your speech about your (and my god) sounds very human and natural. As a young lady I am astonished at your mature view. Everybody can sense your individual and honest kind of how you practice and talk about your faith.
    I find it also wonderful, that you even appreciate the good things of christianity or catholicism. Sometimes it’ just a matter of words. Religion is like a deep sea and you can swim to the middle or stay on the beach or you can dive very far down or only duck a little. It depends on what you do and what you risk. Lets risk a lot. Lets risk the “armaggedonic love”, let’s risk life. In my living room there stands a statue of the madonna and the child. Very catholic! But me and my wife see in her UNA( the one), mother earth or the great goddes, the universe and the little boy is the lightbearer, the later lover of the goddess and co-creator of this world. The mothergoddes get divorced from her tyrannic husband Jahwe. And this guy now is still visiting a special trainingcamp to learn treating all beings.
    Awaken in light! Bless be on your path. Your path is your own and nobody else goes this one as you go, but for sure, it’s also mine, because our lines will cross here and there. It touches me to know having a spiritual sister out in the wide world. I feel a good connection!

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