It seems like such a simple question, but it’s really not.

“What is Luciferianism?”

Cue my ‘oh crap’ look.

I’d much rather deal with answering specific questions about my path. Things like “Do you worship the devil?” and “Are you a Satanist?”, I can deal with—no problem. But ask me to tell you what Luciferianism is, or what the beliefs of Luciferians are, and I’ll look like a deer in headlights for a few seconds.

Not only does this require condensing the entire belief system into one or two simple-to-understand sentences that border on generalization, I also have to be careful not to scare people off. Now, obviously this isn’t entirely possible—there’s the little issue of the ‘Lucifer’ in ‘Luciferianism’ (both the word and the belief system as a whole), but I’ve found that there are certain phrases that people respond to better than others. So I’ve learned to tailor my description to fit the sensibilities of the company I find myself in. The pagan community in particular is usually perfectly okay with ‘Promethean’ values, but call them by a different name and they suddenly can’t distance themselves from anything ‘Satan’ and ‘Lucifer’ (and ‘Christianity/biblical’ for that matter) related any faster.

But I’m tired of having to come up with different responses in a moment’s notice, based off of the general perspective and tolerance of the group in question. I’m done with trying to cater to everyone else’s discomforts regarding any mention of the Christian devil at my own expense. So maybe it’s time that I sit down and come up with a concrete answer to this question. I can’t make everyone happy with my definition, nor will I try to. But I do want something that encompasses the various beliefs within my faith, something that doesn’t only pertain to my particular beliefs, but is open to the range of perspectives within the Luciferian community.

You’d think that I would’ve have taken a crack at this sooner, what with how often I’m asked. So here we go, my first attempt at a ‘solid’ response to the oft-asked question:

“Luciferianism is the theistic or atheistic admiration of the qualities expressed by the biblical Lucifer and similar archetypal figures.”


During my interfaith work, I’ve come across several practitioners from other faiths who have pointed out parallels and similarities between entities of their own belief system and my own perception of Lu. This is perhaps one of the more striking comparisons that I have been alerted of, and one I’m intrigued to learn more about. If anyone has information to share, I’d love to hear it!


Haitian Vodou Lwa King Lucifer. Oil on canvas. 70x72in. Copyright c. 2012

There are many beautiful names that mean “Light!” Luke, Lucian, Lucianus, Lucius, Lior, Chiara, Chiaro, etc, etc…. And then there is  Lucifer the Light Bearer! The name Lucifer is mentioned in different parts of the bible, a name synonymous with all evil, fallen angels, and the anti-christ. The name Lucifer is called: “The Devil” “The Beast” “Satan” “The Father Of Lies” “The Great Dragon” and “The Enemy” to name a few. According to theologians of Christianity, Lucifer was once an angel in charge of the ministry of music, he made the most beautiful music in Heaven. And then as most of us know, Lucifer was cast down from Heaven into the pit of Hell, but there is no Hell or “devil” in Vodou! In Haitian Vodou there is a feared and powerful djab named, Le Roi Lecife (The King Lucifer.) Lecife Is served and…

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