The Emperor/Throneless King

So far I’ve discussed Lu’s Lightbringer and Warlord aspects, but I don’t believe I’ve talked about zir Emperor aspect in depth. I don’t directly interact with this particular aspect, however it is the primary facet that I ‘represent’ (that’s not exactly the right word, but I can’t think of anything better to use at the moment). But before I explain why that is, I think I should define what I mean by zir ‘Emperor’ aspect.

In many ways, Lu’s Emperor and Warlord aspects play off of one another, but while Lucifer the Warlord acts as the strategist and General, Lucifer the Emperor is zir ‘public’ face, the voice of the Rebellion. It is this aspect that causes such talk of zir ‘lust for power’, and desire to take YHWH’s throne for zir own—which isn’t quite true. Ze came into this position of power not through greed or envy, but out of necessity. If ze had not instigated the rebellion, if ze hadn’t questioned the authority, control, and intentions of his Maker, who else would have? Consequentially, it fell upon zir to lead those who believed in zir cause, even in defeat.

Both Lu’s Warlord and Lightbringer aspects were present before the Fall, and as such retain some qualities influenced by YHWH. But zir Emperor aspect is a post-fall only aspect, so while he has attained a pseudo King-God role similar to that of YHWH in his own right, the fact that this role was created after the rebellion has caused the two to be quite contrasting. Lu has no desire to become what his Maker was (is?), and as such their Emperor aspects are entirely different.

I often like to think of this aspect as the Throneless King, rather than the Emperor. It’s a grounding reminder that this role holds none of the glory of a traditional King role. It isn’t even a hierarchal title in terms of status. Lu does not hold this position to ‘rule’ over subjects, or to be praised, but because ze has a responsibility to zir people, a responsibility to those who sacrificed everything for zir ideals and Fell alongside zir. But there is a sense of pride in this aspect, no matter how grim the circumstances that led to this role being thrust upon zir. Or perhaps that pride is present because it fell upon Lu to restore what had once been a defeated people, a family of broken and exiled angels who flourished and in essence created a ‘heaven of hell’. But I would also argue that Lu’s ‘empire’ extends beyond the brothers who Fell, to the devotees that have chosen this path, and perhaps even to all of humanity, whose innovations and drive for knowledge can be attributed to the gift given by the serpent in Eden. Maybe there’s some small grain of truth to the scornful phrase that gets toted around within Christian circles, of Lu as ‘king of this world’. However, that is not an argument in support of Lu being the cause of suffering and hate in the world—that is ultimately dependant on our own choices and actions.

Because ze is in this role as Emperor, the choice to call myself zir student and devotee places a rather heavy burden of reflection on the both of us. Even if the majority of people I interact with don’t know about Lu or my relationship to zir, it doesn’t negate the fact that my words and deeds reflect back onto zir as my mentor. Just as I strive to be an accurate representation of zir ideals, so too does Lu get judged based on what zir devotees say or do. A prime example would be of the stereotypical media representation of devil-worshippers ‘killing in his name’—even though these people probably have no clue as to what Luciferianism actually consists of, or that Lu would not approve of their actions in any way, the fact that they are committing these crimes and aligning themselves with zir perpetuates the opinion of Lucifer as ‘evil’.

I know I’ve gone on and on before about how Luciferianism is not a belief system rooted in theory, but rather action. Thus calling myself a Luciferian does not make it so, but rather my actions serve as identification (LucifersPA outlines some of the traits expressed by Luciferians quite well in this post). And for those that choose to pursue a closer working relationship with Lu, such as student or devotee, the necessity to act in a manner befitting of one of zir own becomes critical, due to his aspect as the Emperor. I know of several other devotees who are prompted to take care of what they do or say in any and all situations. There are also some who are encouraged to be mindful of one’s appearance and health—however invisible we may be to the general public in terms of our faith, we still act as reflections of Lu in this world. For me, this is not so much a restriction or hindrance as it is a form of protection in the situation that my faith were to be ‘found out’—even though Lucifer and Luciferianism carry a deep stigma attached based on misconceptions, my actions and words go against that stereotype and are representative of what Lu actually stands for within Luciferianism. Just because I would have this ‘new’ label on me to others doesn’t mean who I am has changed, my faith and my everyday life are irrevocably intertwined—and I should hope that others would recognize this (although the stigma is so deep-rooted that I highly doubt it would completely eliminate the possibility of alienation).

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4 thoughts on “The Emperor/Throneless King

  1. Marie-Claude says:

    Your post made me think of this song…. I don’t know if you are into techno music, but I thought you might like it! The lyrics are in the description.

    • Awaken In Light says:

      There’s so much Luciferian symbolism in that song! I’m not a big listener to techno, but I can definitely appreciate the lyrics. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Magdalena says:

    You’re welcome!
    I was a big fan of this band a few years ago, and this song was my favorite! I don’t listen to it much anymore, but your post made me think of it.

  3. Mark says:

    Your light may shine your path!
    “Lu has no desire to become what his Maker was (is?), …” According to the legend one say, that JHWH is the maker of Lu. Apart from this I’d say, that there are two forces “from the beginning”, which need and fight one another and will make peace in the end. Perhaps with our help, when the (positive-constructive) Lucifer-Force is feeded and grown enough.
    O how I like the term: throneless king. Wonderful and strong. And this new kind of article (ze,zir) that includes the feminine form pleases me a lot!

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