Applied Luciferianism Project : Resistance/Rebellion

I should probably start off by pointing out that the words ‘rebellion’ and ‘resistance’ mean two different things to me, but can also be used in combination with one another. While ‘rebellion’ suggests going against an already established system, ‘resistance’ includes more preventative actions to avoid the formation of unequal systems of power, systems that directly affect myself and the communities I am a part of. It also seems to be more inclusive of non-violent strategies of opposition, something I’ve very much in favor of.

 Resistance is much closer to my heart.

It is present in the very blood that runs through my veins, the genetic continuance of a people who others sought to erase. The effort to keep our traditions and culture alive is a form of resistance, as is making the effort to learn my native tongue despite being displaced from my homeland. The small snippets of Nawat present in even the colonial language I grew up with are reminders of the legacy of resistance I’m upholding. My faith is a form of resistance in itself, in that it is composed of doubt and questioning a ‘truth’ I was brought up to follow blindly.

And yet, sometimes rebellion is necessary, as my past can attest to. When resistance goes unheard or ignored, rebellion becomes the only other option. Along with rebellion comes increased risks and sacrifices—loss of a job, alienation from one’s peers, etc. And with armed, combative rebellion comes death, including innocent lives. I think this is why I tend to prefer resistance over rebellion, because I’ve experienced what it’s like to have conflict due to rebellion cause tragedy and loss. I know what it’s like to have your family torn apart and scattered because of rebellion and war, to grow up in a place that isn’t ‘home’ and be constantly reminded that I don’t ‘belong’ here. Of course, there were other forces in play that led to my particular situation (like the US not being able to keep its nose out of other countries’ business), but the rebellion of my people was definitely a key factor. The need for change sometimes requires such sacrifices, which I’ll talk about in a later entry, and this is where rebellion builds its strength and becomes an agent of change.

This is also why I believe it is important that one ask themselves what exactly it is they’re rebelling against and why, and if the end justifies the means. Technically you could consider a 5-year-old’s temper tantrum to be a form of rebellion, or a moody teen throwing insults at their parents, but what do either of these things really accomplish? While Luciferianism can be considered a very selfish path, I would argue that it’s also in the nature of Luciferianism to strive for bigger and better things—why struggle for the little things that only affect yourself when you could initiate a bigger change that affects an entire group of people? Obviously this is also situational, and can differ according to whether we’re talking about resistance or rebellion.

In its most basic and general form, it means not conforming to what others say or do simply because they’re in a position of authority or power. It doesn’t have to be about waging wars or leading large-scale uprisings— resistance and rebellion takes various other forms, from vocally disagreeing with what one perceives to be an unjust statement, to taking a much more active role such as defending a victim of bullying. It can also take a much more political stance, through participation with a social justice movement. It’s about not allowing oneself to remain passive or simply accept things that go against one’s own moral code. Resistance and rebellion is the ability to recognize injustices and do something about it.


Applied Luciferianism Project

Normally I wouldn’t start a new project until I was done with the ’30 Days of Devotion’ meme. However, one of the downsides to being claimed by Lu is that my Work takes priority to other stuff (including sleep, seeing as ze shoved this idea at me at like 2 am last night and had me spazzing for a good hour until I got up to jot down notes).

So I realized that while I talk a lot about Luciferianism being a very practical and action-motivated path, I rarely if ever develop that train of thought into how one goes about using Luciferian ideals in the day-to-day. I guess for me it’s almost intrinsic, because so much of how I view the world is from a Luciferian mindset, but obviously those just starting out or interested in learning more can’t read my mind and understand what I’m referring to.

The purpose then of this project is to take Luciferian ideals and expand upon how I personally have incorporated them into action, and offer suggestions to others who are interested in embodying those ideals in their own lives.

The ideals/qualities I have so far are:

  • Resistance/Rebellion
  • Change
  • Sacrifice
  • Challenge
  • Responsibility
  • Growth
  • Pride
  • Initiative
  • Faith
  • Honor
  • Identity
  • Loyalty
  • Choice

Some of the above are very much tied into other qualities, such as choice, honor, loyalty, and responsibility, so I’ll probably end up combining those in order to make the entries less disjointed.

I would love it if others (Luciferian or not!) would take this template and perhaps use it as a record of how they themselves are integrating these qualities into their own practice.If others from different paths want to do a similar project with ideals more suited to their own particular faith, that’s absolutely okay with me (an alternative title could be Applied Path Project?). Overall, I’m just interested in learning how people go about applying their faith and beliefs to their everyday lives, while using this particular project as a part of my Work.

Adorations (2013 Edition)

I Adore You, sunlight on bare skin

I Adore You, stillness after a storm

I Adore You, susurrus of feathers

I Adore You, stirrings of uncertainty

I Adore You, riding on winds of change

I Adore You, ruins of war

I Adore You, exiled prince

I Adore You, as a bolt of lightning from above

I Adore You, glorious grace

I Adore You, of soft words and loud deeds

I Adore You, softly falling snow

I Adore You, breath-stealer

 I Adore You, thrill of the chase

I Adore You, endless pools of blue

I Adore You, strength in adversity

I Adore You, whisper of discontent

I Adore You, path-paver

I Adore You, veiled in shadow

I Adore You, life-song singer

I Adore You, of innocence lost

I Adore You, wearer of many masks

I Adore You, hymn of dissent

I Adore You, shaped by love and loss

I Adore You, heartbeat symphony

I Adore You, brutal honesty

I Adore You, exhilaration racing through my veins

I Adore You, who balks at thanks, for that which is given is only what has been earned

I Adore You, beauty in grief

I Adore You, splendor of the heavens

I Adore You, aching longing, reaching for that which is lost

I Adore You, all-consuming fire

I Adore You, echo of hope

I Adore You, on which heavy lies the crown

I Adore You, paradigm-shifter

I Adore You, divine judgment

I Adore You, tester of wills

I Adore You, breaker of chains

I Adore You, steely-eyed resolve

I Adore You, joy beyond comprehension

I Adore You, gentle nudge forward

I Adore You, contempt of permanence

I Adore You, torch-bearer for those who have strayed

I Adore You, burner of bridges

I Adore You, Firstborn Sun and Mourning Star