Applied Luciferianism Project

Normally I wouldn’t start a new project until I was done with the ’30 Days of Devotion’ meme. However, one of the downsides to being claimed by Lu is that my Work takes priority to other stuff (including sleep, seeing as ze shoved this idea at me at like 2 am last night and had me spazzing for a good hour until I got up to jot down notes).

So I realized that while I talk a lot about Luciferianism being a very practical and action-motivated path, I rarely if ever develop that train of thought into how one goes about using Luciferian ideals in the day-to-day. I guess for me it’s almost intrinsic, because so much of how I view the world is from a Luciferian mindset, but obviously those just starting out or interested in learning more can’t read my mind and understand what I’m referring to.

The purpose then of this project is to take Luciferian ideals and expand upon how I personally have incorporated them into action, and offer suggestions to others who are interested in embodying those ideals in their own lives.

The ideals/qualities I have so far are:

  • Resistance/Rebellion
  • Change
  • Sacrifice
  • Challenge
  • Responsibility
  • Growth
  • Pride
  • Initiative
  • Faith
  • Honor
  • Identity
  • Loyalty
  • Choice

Some of the above are very much tied into other qualities, such as choice, honor, loyalty, and responsibility, so I’ll probably end up combining those in order to make the entries less disjointed.

I would love it if others (Luciferian or not!) would take this template and perhaps use it as a record of how they themselves are integrating these qualities into their own practice.If others from different paths want to do a similar project with ideals more suited to their own particular faith, that’s absolutely okay with me (an alternative title could be Applied Path Project?). Overall, I’m just interested in learning how people go about applying their faith and beliefs to their everyday lives, while using this particular project as a part of my Work.


6 thoughts on “Applied Luciferianism Project

  1. Shine says:

    This might actually be an interesting project. 🙂 I’m Kemetic, but your list of ideals strikes my fancy.

    • Woo! I look forward to reading your responses, if you end up decided to do it =] It’d be interesting to note how our interpretation of carrying out those ideals differs according to our faith.

  2. Nadia says:

    I need something to write about. Luciferianism is very interesting to me, especially where I am spirituality currently, so I’m going to try this project out.

  3. Harley says:

    I very much appreciate this blog entry! I’ve been looking into the virtues(??) or rather ideals that surround Luciferianism and making a fairly steady transition. Another I’d think to personally add to the list would probably be intellect/wisdom. Seeing as a part of this path is to question many things, it does good to expand ones mind.

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