The Luciferian Sciptures.

Great batch of resources listed here for anyone interested in learning more about Luciferianism from perspectives other than my own!


This is part of an ongoing attempt of mine at creating a compenndium of Luciferian writings and history. Originally concieved of as an idea to write a Luciferian Bible in which I would contribute a few chapters and/or intros to chapters and include various Luciferian writings from other Luciferian authors  and orgs. Since I did’nt want to make it all about me or make the same mistake Anton Lavey did with his Satanic Bible and just promote MY version of Luciferianism{as he did with Satanism and his SB/CoS and has many other occultists have done} and try to monopolize Luciferianism or make a mere ego trip or money making scheme. Thus I have sought to get writings from other Luciferian authors and orgs to add to the book, depending on how much I personally contributed to the books writings I would or would;nt put my name on the book as…

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