The Great Destroyer

“…Set me like a star before the morning
Like a sun that steals the darkness from a world asleep
And I’ll illuminate the path You’ve laid before me
But for now just let me be

Bind up these broken bones
Mercy bend and breathe me back to life
But not before You show me how to die
No, not before You show me how to die

So let me go like a leaf upon the water
Let me brave the wild currents flowing to the sea
And I will disappear into a deeper beauty
But for now just stay with me
God, for now just stay with me”

The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy—or so it is often said. I, for one, have never shied away from this expression—experience has taught me that it holds some amount of truth.

In order to move forward, sometimes we have to let go of the things that are holding us back. In order to get to the core of ourselves, surrounding walls must be broken down. There’s no use building on top of a weak foundation if it’s all going to come crumbling down anyways—sometimes starting over is best. And (as paraphrased from Salman Rushdie’s infamous Satanic Verses) before this metaphorical rebirth can happen, first one must experience death.

Lucifer falls into the role of Destroyer through the trials of Job, in which he strips away all that Job held dear within his life—his health, his family, his fortune. I do not believe, however, that it was merely destruction for destruction’s sake. Having posed the question to God as to whether Job’s faith and devotion was built upon rock or sand, the destruction was meant to give Job a chance to strengthen his faith without the blessings that had initially prompted him to worship god, or take a different route entirely.

But apart from being the initiator of others’ destruction, I would argue that Lucifer is also intimately familiar with what it means to have everything you’ve ever known laid broken at one’s feet. He facilitated his own symbolic death through his rebellion, but upon losing his place at the right hand of God, he also gained the chance to rebuild himself into something greater than before.

“From the ashes,

Beauty rising like the morning star, and everything is come to light

In the wreckage,

Waking to a wonder unexpected, from this ruin comes new life

From these remains

A kingdom shall be raised”

-Jason Gray


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