Lightning Take My Soul

O, Mourning Star. . .

Mourning Star:  A slight variation off of the previous title, with a very different meaning.  Mourning is define as “the expression of deep sorrow for someone who as died”.  Frequently, I see Morning Star and Mourning Star used interchangeably, and I’m not sure if that’s the result of a language barrier or a dialect shift (like “color” vs. “colour”), but there is a very clear difference, in my eyes, between the two.  I almost consider “Morning Star” the before-the-Fall title, and “Mourning Star” the after-the-Fall title.  This title acknowledges that he is still bright, still beautiful, still an angel or star, but it also acknowledges that he may be in mourning after his Fall.  He may not show this side to everyone, and most days he may not feel this way, but I believe that for a time, and maybe even now and then lately, so many years later, that…

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