30 Day Luciferian/Satanist Challenge: Day 3

What drew you to this path? How long have you been on it?

I’ve been on this path approximately ten years now. I felt that the philosophies behind Luciferianism were ones I could and already did value to some extent. However, beyond all the theoretical ideals and overall pragmatism that I connected with in the belief system, there was something else that resonated with me that felt different than any other religion I had dipped my toes into thus far.

I had this intense need to find out everything I could, not only about Luciferianism itself but also any Luciferian figures (at the time, my research concentrated on mostly the Abrahamic Lucifer figure and Prometheus from greek mythos).  I had never been so highly invested in…quite frankly anything, to that same level before. I had tried exploring different pantheons back when I still considered myself pagan, but I always felt bored/apathetic towards these mythos. They never quite clicked, or inspired the same type of fervid attraction. That passionate wildfire has since calmed to a steadfast glow of devotion through the years, more restrained but no less bright.


2 thoughts on “30 Day Luciferian/Satanist Challenge: Day 3

  1. Mukwasibwe Ronald says:

    Please help me to join Illuminati.
    I want Lucifer to be my Lord

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