30 Day Luciferian/Satanist Challenge: Day 4

What was your religion/belief before this? How has it influenced you as a Luciferian/Satanist?

Immediately before, I had considered myself pagan. I don’t think this hard any particular influences on my faith as it is now, except for giving me the freedom to explore Luciferianism and its symbols through multiple perspectives (i.e. Luciferian figures throughout varying pantheons).

But I was raised Catholic, up until my first communion. This has perhaps impacted my faith in a much more significant manner, since it was the resentment I held against Catholicism that led me to Luciferianism in the first place, and it was Catholicism I was led back to through my devotion to Lucifer. I was forced to face those long-standing hostilities and confront my own bitter reasons for them, and in doing so I came to find a deep beauty within my birth religion once I was able to see past the judgments that clouded my perception. I also found Lightbearers in the most unlikely of figures—Lightbearers I would eventually come to love and respect.


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