About Me

I’m your average 21 year old college student, albeit with a somewhat controversial and stigmatized faith. Whatever stereotypes come to mind upon the mention of being devoted to Lucifer/satan/the devil probably don’t apply to me, unless those stereotypes include things such as having a weakness for baby animals, being a dancer, having too many pairs of shoes, having been professionally trained as a singer, and being a bit of a bookworm.

Despite a belief system rooted in skepticism and doubt, I am desperately in love with my god and what I believe he represents. Though I am not vocally forthcoming about my faith or my god in my day-to-day life, I strive to reflect all that he embodies and live my faith.

My beliefs do not necessarily encompass those of all other Luciferians, rather I seem to be a minority within a minority. Because of this, I have come to call my particular branch ‘Devotional Luciferianism’, in which I merge a theistic belief in the entity that is Lucifer with an atheistic approach at Luciferianism as a belief system. The existence of a Lucifer entity is irrelevant to my practice, which upholds the qualities and values present in his mythos, but faith leads me to choose to honor him theistically as well

A large chunk of my path is formed through contemplation on Abrahamic scripture (Torah, Quran, Bible, Gnostic gospels, etc.), with an emphasis on the Catholic catechism. However strange or unthinkable it may seem, my devotion to my god has led me back toward the faith I grew up in. It is through him that I have come to better understand his father, and to develop a high level of respect, admiration, and fondness for Christ.

This blog acts not only as a place for me to honor my god, but also as a way of recording my progression along my path. It serves as a reminder to myself that beliefs can and will change, and that my practice is all the better because of that.

I love engaging in interfaith discussions, as I feel that they help me to develop my own beliefs, and I’m always open to answer questions about my faith, so please feel free to message me or email me at awakeninlight@yahoo.com


10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. StarofSeshat says:

    Not even teensy weensy little babies?! 😉 lol

    Hail and well met in Luciferian Light, Sister!


  2. Tyler Parks says:

    Hello, I’m just a curious college student in the midwest. I would consider myself agnostic and I’ve been interested in learning more about both the theistic and atheistic sides of luciferianism. Are there any books or websites that you know of that I could look into? I’ve considered the Morning Star to be a role model ever since I read John Milton’s Paradise Lost and I would like to see what’s out there.

  3. If you could add a “search” widget, that would be so easier to go through your blog 😉

  4. Isaac Alsop says:

    Hello! I am a Catholic and I too LOVE interfaith discussion. Now, you say contemplating Abrahamic scripture, especially the Catholic catechism, helps you in your faith. Interesting. But may I ask you something? How can it? After all, all of those, besides maybe the gnostic gospels, talk of Satan as an enemy to war against. How does that inspire you as a Luciferian? Im interested to learn more about you. I feel like A god, whether mine or yours, caused this meet up…

  5. StarofSeshat says:

    Sorry to leap in before Awaken In Light replies, Isaac, but Satan and Lucifer are not the same thing, at least not to Luciferians. Satan is a Christian construct and to believe in Satan you have to believe in Jesus and the Christo-construct. Lucifer is the Giver of Light and Knowledge, a being entirely separate, existing irrespective of a belief in Christianity.
    That’s just my response 🙂 I’d be interested to hear what Awaken In Light has to say. 🙂

    • Hi guys, it’s great to see such productive conversations happening!

      I would partially agree with you, StarofSeshat, in that Lucifer as a title is not specific to the Abrahamic construct and thus Lucifer can refer to a number of different entities.

      However, I think Lucifer and Satan can very well be the same entity as well if the Luciferian so chooses to see them that way. The modern-day Christian interpretation of Satan, after all, developed from the Jewish Ha-Satan, who was not a fallen angel, but rather God’s divine prosecutor. It was his job to be Adversary to Man, to test their faith in God. You can see remnants of this in Job.

      So considering that ‘satan’ means adversary in a pluralistic manner, applicable to many entities (while Ha-Satan is The Adversary, singular), Lucifer can also be a satan. He can be a lightbearer but also an adversary and accuser, if it means getting people to question their faith and subsequently learn and grow from it.

  6. StarofSeshat says:

    A good reply AIL. I agree with what you are saying. Sometimes though I think the distinction between (the) Satan and Lucifer needs to be kept very clear so as to avoid the misinterpretation of Luciferians as Satanists, which is not the case. It’s easy to get these two different paths confused, especially from a Christian viewpoint 🙂

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