Adorations 2014

I Adore You, of ruin and restoration. As an abandoned temple for your God, whose ceilings have crumbled and whose windows lay scattered as bright jeweled shards. As the ashes from which new life emerges, where flowers blossom from cracks in the floor and leafy vines seek to overtake bare white walls. As the echoes of canticles once sung resurrect into birdsong, and as the scent of incense has faded, carried off by the wind. As sunbeams which chase away shadows and dance upon empty pews, as warmth which adorns the expectant altar in gold. As a testament of devotion which has not lost its grace or fire, but rather has been transfigured into a different sort of majesty.


I Adore You, of broken hymns and whispered alleluias, upon whose lips rest traces of holiness and grace. As sighs transformed into song. As a pulse which races and calms, set in time with the beat of one’s heart. As melodies that flow like a breath into lungs starved for air, and as cadences that resonate in one’s own bones. As bells in the wind, which cannot help but respond to the gentlest touch.

I Adore You, who crafts humanity into divinity. As laughter and sorrow, as joy and as pain. As the clench in one’s heart, and the overwhelming awe that softly, gently, steals your breath away. As the uncontrollable hysterics of delight which bring prickling tears to the corners of your eyes, and as the catharsis that that comes about from shedding tears of heartache.  As the moments of hope that renew one’s faith in the world, leaving you bright-eyed and eager to do more and be more, to pass along that hope to others, and to transform it into something substantial and brilliant and almost unfathomable. As the moments of despair where everything is hollow, and you are once again breathless but for the grief lodged in your throat and you wonder why we do the things we do, and how hope could ever possibly survive amongst such brute creatures.

I Adore You, as sacred fury and relentless ambition. As teeth bared in defiance, willing to sacrifice one’s self for a world reborn. As a flame-licked skyline that turns night into day, where the light of golden-veined stars is obscured but voices once silenced make themselves known. As murmurs of dissent, quiet but clear, and as screams of outrage. As unhesitant bites into forbidden fruits, staring down the consequences with an unwavering gaze. As life where it was said there should only be death, and as joy where there should only be misery.

I Adore You, as an anointed prince now exiled, as a king crowned in sorrow. As a sun meant for glory, but a star who chose suffering.


Adorations (2013 Edition)

I Adore You, sunlight on bare skin

I Adore You, stillness after a storm

I Adore You, susurrus of feathers

I Adore You, stirrings of uncertainty

I Adore You, riding on winds of change

I Adore You, ruins of war

I Adore You, exiled prince

I Adore You, as a bolt of lightning from above

I Adore You, glorious grace

I Adore You, of soft words and loud deeds

I Adore You, softly falling snow

I Adore You, breath-stealer

 I Adore You, thrill of the chase

I Adore You, endless pools of blue

I Adore You, strength in adversity

I Adore You, whisper of discontent

I Adore You, path-paver

I Adore You, veiled in shadow

I Adore You, life-song singer

I Adore You, of innocence lost

I Adore You, wearer of many masks

I Adore You, hymn of dissent

I Adore You, shaped by love and loss

I Adore You, heartbeat symphony

I Adore You, brutal honesty

I Adore You, exhilaration racing through my veins

I Adore You, who balks at thanks, for that which is given is only what has been earned

I Adore You, beauty in grief

I Adore You, splendor of the heavens

I Adore You, aching longing, reaching for that which is lost

I Adore You, all-consuming fire

I Adore You, echo of hope

I Adore You, on which heavy lies the crown

I Adore You, paradigm-shifter

I Adore You, divine judgment

I Adore You, tester of wills

I Adore You, breaker of chains

I Adore You, steely-eyed resolve

I Adore You, joy beyond comprehension

I Adore You, gentle nudge forward

I Adore You, contempt of permanence

I Adore You, torch-bearer for those who have strayed

I Adore You, burner of bridges

I Adore You, Firstborn Sun and Mourning Star


There’s a trend going around the pagan community of deity adorations, which I believe began with The House of Vine’s 99 Adorations.

These are my own contributions. The first is dedicated to Lucifer/Prometheus, while the second I wrote in honor of Saraswati. I may not work with her any longer, but I still respect her greatly (plus, Vasant Panchami just passed, so this makes it perfect timing!)

(Edit: I went back and realized that in comparison to Saraswati’s adorations, Lu’s seemed so…plain. I was tempted to re-write his, but then it hit me: they each reflect the deity’s overall nature. Saraswati’s are more flowery and artistic, and after all, she IS a goddess of art/poetry/WORDS. Lucifer, on the other hand, doesn’t particularly enjoy praises in his honor, so his adorations are more straightforward and to the point.)

I adore you, light-bearer.

I adore you, once highest of seraphim

I adore you, stealer of fire

I adore you, celestial being

I adore you, bringer of knowledge

I adore you, fallen rebel

I adore you, eternal questioner

I adore you, ancient titan

I adore you, liberator

I adore you, exiled one

I adore you, angel of symphony

I adore you, who illuminates the beauty in life

I adore you, divine androgyny

I adore you, forethought

I adore you, prince of pride

I adore you, patient one

I adore you, beloved mentor

I adore you, who believes in the potential of humanity

I adore you, banisher of comforting lies

I adore you, cunning serpent

I adore you, blue-eyed wisdom

I adore you, shadow-caster

I adore you, inspiration

I adore you, who rejected Paradise

I adore you, choice-giver

I adore you, sorrowful joy

I adore you, who has been shrouded in undeserved hate

I adore you, strength in adversity

I adore you, equality

I adore you, who desires neither crown nor scepter

I adore you, throneless king

I adore you, dreaded warlord

I adore you, titanomachy soothsayer

I adore you, defiance

I adore you, paradigm shifter

I adore you, wearer of masks

I adore you, confronter of fears

I adore you, icy rage

I adore you, vengeful fury

I adore you, lightning sparker

I adore you, feathered comfort

I adore you, Morningstar

I adore you, cleansing waters

I adore you, mistress of speech

I adore you, mother of the Vedas

I adore you, knowledge

I adore you, goddess of the arts

I adore you, with chiming bells in your wake

I adore you, threefold shakti

I adore you, clothed in white and yellow

I adore you, who adores Truth

I adore you, wife of Brahma

I adore you, purity

I adore you, divine veena-player

I adore you, melodic sound

I adore you, who blesses books

I adore you, voice of reason

I adore you, fertile river goddess

I adore you, sacred performer

I adore you, who scorns materiality

I adore you, who whispers inspiration into my soul

I adore you, gentle muse

I adore you, patron of education

I adore you, patron of the arts

I adore you, gifted with flowers

I adore you, simply adorned

I adore you, smelling of sweet incense

I adore you, who stirs me into motion

I adore you, who basks in the reverence of many

I adore you, lover of artistic beauty

I adore you, discerning of truth

I adore you, she who flows.