A note to those looking into using dance as a devotional activity

As someone who does this regularly, I didn’t realize how intense an offering this could be until today. Usually, I devote my dancing to Sarasvati. I’ll acknowledge her during stretches, offering up the energy and strength and pain that will be raised during practice. Every tensed muscle, every breathe of air, I offer to her.
But today, my devotional took a life of its own.
I had had an awful day—I was feeling worn down and depressed, and I just wanted dance to be an outlet. I began class as usual, acknowledging Sarasvati, but out of nowhere, Lucifer butted in.
Today’s dance was not an offering. It was a release.
I danced my pain and frustration. I danced his sorrow and heartache. I danced our fall from grace, our grief, our hope.
It was all I could do to keep from breaking down in the middle of class, but it was worth it. It was cathartic, and everything I needed.